Drawing from her study of the Japanese Tea Tradition where great – even legendary – gardens are small by necessity, garden designer Bettina Mueller set out to convert her 1/10 of an acre backyard in Tivoli, NY into a private world of beauty and tranquility. The remarkable results are documented on this blog and in her latest book A Tea Garden in Tivoli – American Garden Design Inspired by the Way of Tea.

Bettina is also the author of A Taste of Heaven and Earth (Harper Perennial, 1993), which was nominated for a Julia Child Award and The World in a Bowl of Tea (Harper Perennial, 1997).

At various times she’s been a cook on a working tugboat, a news photographer, owner of a pioneering vegetarian restaurant and executive of a cutting edge Internet company. In addition to her interest in food and media, she’s been a lifelong student of Zen, the Japanese Tea Ceremony and the natural world.

Bettina’s everyday world