Awards and Reviews for A Tea Garden in Tivoli

Independent Publisher Book Awards

Winner of the International Gardenista
best garden design award for 2015



What readers are saying

“I’ve been looking through my copy of your book, which gives me such pleasure.  It’s so beautifully photographed, and communicates a sense of serenity, grounded simplicity, and creative possibility.  I think I’m going to be picking it up at times just to give myself a welcome sense of calm.”

“Sublime! Wonderful book about a wonderful garden.”

“Your book is absolutely lovely, from beginning to end. I intend to spend some part of every day savoring each page, but for now, let me just say, ‘Brava!’

“Your book just arrived. Beautiful and inspiring! Even better than my high expectations.”

“Congratulations on winning the Gardenista competition. The book is gorgeous and your garden breathtaking.  I’ve always felt that when Tea is transplanted (so to speak) it needs to adapt to its new “soil” and culture while keeping the spirit of the original. Your garden embodies the idea of adaptation so beautifully. It is firmly rooted. I especially liked seeing it in such well-defined seasons. Your win was well deserved.”

“I’ve just spent the afternoon reading your illuminating book, and I must tell you how utterly entranced I was.  It is not a subject that I have been interested in or cared about, but your words evoked both intense interest and gratifying appreciation.  What a master lesson in aesthetics — and in being fully human.”

Gardenista editor in chief Michelle Slatalla said about the garden:The use of simple, rustic materials reinforces the beauty of the natural surroundings.”

“Zen student and award-winning author Bettina Mueller’s labor of love started as a bare lot adjoining her 1860 farmhouse in Tivoli. Having bought the house, she began transforming the barren grounds into an exquisite, Japanese-inspired tea garden. Imbued with the aesthetic tradition of harmony and simplicity, the living gem won Gardenista‘s 2015 Best Garden Design Award. Far more than just luscious photographs, the book delineates the principles and techniques of Zen garden design, tea, and chabana floral design. It’s sure to inspire.” – Chronogram

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